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Orchestrating your own external or internal Ecosystem?

Meet “EnterpriseUp” digital collaboration Platform for designing, building and scaling innovation ecosystems easily.

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We are striving to connect the dots among innovation ecosystems and offer your the best platform to access the consolidated and curated knowledge, connect and collaborate with experts and to solve your innovation challenges to transform your organisation. 

Curated Knowledge

Access the best practices and latest insights from selected innovation thought leaders and peers live or on-demand

Distributed Ecosystem

1000+ innovation experts & practitioners spread all around the globe

Collaboration & Talent

Get support on solving your challenges in interactive closed working groups and find and hire innovation talents & service partners easily

Stay on top of the innovation game!


Share your ideas, discuss your challenges and reach out to other peers for a dialogue


Topic based peer-groups around latest technologies or individual challenges

Remote Events

Interactive online conferences, workshops, webinars and other live sessions 

Knowledge Library

Curated innovation expertise in many formats – videos, podcasts, white papers and presentations


E-Learning courses and other training programs, incl. certification


Find and hire verified tech, talent or service partner for your workshop or corporate venturing activities

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Looking for innovation service or tech or do you offer one?

Join the marketplace, create a profile and your offering or request and start directly selling or purchasing from verified partners.

Do you want to build your own digital innovation ecosystem?

Our Innovation Ecosystem Platform as a service can be completely customized to your needs to manage your innovation community, knowledge, service offerings and data among your partners and customers.

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