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OUTSIDE OF THE BOX “How do you prioritise your innovation efforts? Where do you focus? Which capabilities are core?”with Martijn Moerbeek, Digital Strategy & Innovation Director @LGIM and Hattie Willis @Rainmaking
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How many times have you been told: “Cannibalise yourself or watch someone eat your lunch”! “Innovate or Die!”
It’s all very well to say corporates need to innovate, but admitting you have a problem is only the first step, and one most corporates have already taken. The challenge comes once you buy into the need to test new business models, be more customer centric and invest in new initiatives. How do you really do it, and how do you do it across three innovation horizons at once?The organisations who really win will be those who have a superpower for multitasking: those who can simultaneously defend and optimise existing business models, grow to new markets and new opportunities in adjacent areas, and set up their own succession plans by preparing their own ventures with brand new business models.But trying to do three fundamentally different things and build three very different capabilities at once is a recipe to fail at them all. So how do you prioritise and proactively create both the processes and full portfolio of initiatives to really future proof your organisation – and do it well? Where do you even start? 
We share the real life war wounds and success stories. Together, we will unpick the topic of the three innovation horizons, sharing the highs and lows, what broke and how they fixed it in their approaches, and why they chose their different approaches and priority areas to unlock results targeting defence, disruption or growth.
Martijn Moerbeek is a group director at Legal & General, a FTSE 50 financialservices company, advisory board member for technology houses and start-ups,and a keynote speaker. He has a blended skill-set of corporate strategy, innovationdesign and business architecture, bridging all aspects of change. Martijn has spenthis career architecting and driving large-scale digital transformations in companieswith revenues of up to £44bn. More recently, he has focussed on establishingengines for business growth by realising the potential for disruption at the cross-over between the corporate and start-up worlds.
Hattie Willis is an Associate Principal at Rainmaking Venture Studio. Hattie has deep experience in entrpreneurship education: as Head of Training and an Associate Partner at Rainmaking she embedded Innovation Accelerators into organizations with 14,000+ employees, ran the Top 400 training for DPHL, supported new Venture creation for Jaguar Landrover and designed culture change programs for Lloyds Banking Group to name a few.

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