Terms and Conditions

We are the the community, event and advanced training platform for Corporate Innovators from different industries and with different levels of experience as well as for the service providers in the sphere of Corporate Innovation. This is a place for sharing your experience, learning from others, meeting your peers and networking. To secure this space is for each Member, we moderate this Platform accordingly and ask you to follow the rules below:


1. Comply with the law. Without any exceptions, you agree to comply with the law in all aspects.

2. Provide accurate information. Please use accurate and authentic information about yourself and do not impersonate someone else

3. Remain professional. This community is for connecting and sharing personal tips and insights into the industry. Please keep it on a professional level.

4. Be friendly. We believe that a positive environment is more enjoyable and productive for everyone. Please do your part.

5. Post relevant information. While we all like pictures of pups, we would appreciate it if you would share those on other channels

6. No low-effort post. Respect not only your own but also other people’s time. Do not post simple one-liners that provide no extra value.

7. Language is English. We are an international community. To not exclude anyone, refrain from using other languages than English.


1. No discriminatory remarks. Any form of discrimination such as racism, sexism, sexual identity, etc. will not be tolerated.

2. No self-promotion. Please refrain from solely advertising your business in our community. Of course, linking yourself in your profile is appreciated and encouraged.

3. Keep confidential information confidential. Do not post content you do not own

4. Do not make inappropriate/unprofessional remarks. While we agree that some users of our community are exceptionally good-looking, we request holding back any flirtatious comments for other platforms.

5. Keep it safe for everyone. Do not create/utilize software that bypasses security features.

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